Landscapers face many job-related risks. Unreliable employees, liability risks on customer property, auto accidents on the way to and from the job or risks associated with equipment. A business insurance policy can help to cover some or all exposures.

So, what type of insurance should a Business owner/Landscaper have?

  • Liability Insurance: This coverage works to protect your operation from claims and lawsuits made against it in cases of accidents or mishaps. Liability insurance generally covers costs associated with individuals being hurt due to your employees' actions.
  • Workers Compensation Insurance: Your business insurance policy needs to include workers compensation coverage in most cases. Workers compensation insurance can help to cover your business from the loss suffered if your employees are hurt on the job or become ill as a result of their work.
  • Property insurance: This covers the equipment such as tools, mowers, and large landscape machinery.
  • Business Auto Insurance: If your workers are using your vehicles, you need to cover them on a business policy.  You may also need pickup insurance, truck insurance, dump truck coverage or trailer insurance depending on what you have and use for the jobs.

If you are already a Landscaper, Business Owner or are thinking of starting a new company, these are a few items you need to have in place.

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