Heil & Heil Home Insurance

Mortgage Companies Often Require Homeowners Insurance

Whether you’re closing on a home or shopping around for a new insurance provider, Heil & Heil Insurance Agency is dedicated to providing you with impeccable service and comprehensive coverage options. Not only do most mortgage companies require home insurance, but this type of insurance is also designed to protect everything you’ve worked hard for – so why take any chances?

Serving Chicago, IL and the surrounding areas, Heil & Heil Insurance Agency has been a recognizable name in Illinois since 1885. We promise to do our part in protecting our clients and neighbors from the financial setbacks that can result from unexpected property damage, and we’ll do our best to have you back on your feet in no time.

Most Homeowners Need More Insurance Than They Have

The majority of homeowners are meeting the insurance requirements laid out by their mortgage companies, but don’t you want to have more than “bare-minimum” coverage for your property? You should ask yourself if the policy you have is adequate. A comprehensive homeowner’s policy should cover:

  • The structure of the home
  • All detached structures (such as a garage or shed)
  • Liability
  • Personal property and possessions
  • Replacement costs
  • Living expenses associated with not being able to live in the home

If you feel like you could use additional protection, consider options that will strengthen your existing policy, such as umbrella or flood insurance. The additional cost will be worth your peace of mind.

Heil & Heil Insurance Agency Offers Specific Policies for All Types of Structures

Insuring a house may seem pretty straightforward, but what if you live in a condo or manufactured home? We can help. Our insurance products cover a range of situations, allowing us to meet the needs of both homeowners and renters. We’re experienced in working with landlords and condominium associations to make sure property types have the coverage they require.

Wherever you call home, Heil & Heil Insurance Agency is here to help you protect it. For a free quote, contact us at 847- 866-7400.